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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

playlist for july 21, 2010.

can - future days
comets on fire - return to heaven
oneida - the river
wooden shjips - shine like suns
the flaming lips - us and them
the flaming lips - any color you like
mv + ee - I got caves in there
the alphane moon - the almandine
ignatz - the dreams
flying saucer attack - the sea
amp - perception
windy & carl - sunrise
grasshopper - regal blood wraith
brother jt - poor wayfaring stranger

Thursday, July 15, 2010

playlist for july 14, 2010.

the fugs - nothing
the fugs - kill for peace
the fugs - cia man
richie havens - morning, morning
tuli kumferberg - go fuck yourself with your atom bomb
the fugs - ah, sunflower weary of time
the fugs - an artist for art's sake
tuli kumferberg - this land is their land
the fugs - the golden songs of tuli
tuli kumferberg - social studies
tuli kumferberg - no deposit, no return
king missile - my heart is a flower
bongwater - his new look
the fugs - the cia made me sing off-key
shaved pigs - 2 car garage
the fugs - I couldn't get high
allen ginsberg - howl
the fugs - greenwich village of my dreams
the fugs - I saw the best minds of my generation rock
the fugs - where is my wandering jew?
the fugs - backward jewish soldiers
the fugs - boobs a lot

Thursday, July 08, 2010

playlist for july 7, 2010.

spacemen 3 - so hot (wash away all of my tears)
colorsound - in a marine light
oren ambarchi - remedios the beauty
badawai - ocean of tears (for rav carlebach)
sub oslo - sep dub
sandoz - higher than that
twilight circus dub sound system - iguana
mad professor - kunte kinte
tru mystic - high times
augustus pablo (on) king tubby meets rockers uptown
linton kwesi johnson - di black petty booshwah (dub)
black uhuru - stalk of sinsimilla
fellow travellers - g.t.o.
dub specialist - lost in dub
keith hudson - bloody eyes dub
lone ranger - where eagles dwell
max romeo - dis ya dubwise, keep you moving
barrington levy - prison oval rock (dub plate mix)
charlie chaplin - jamaican collie

Thursday, July 01, 2010

playlist for june 30, 2010.

michael hurley - the werewolf
badgerlore - green canoe
hush arbors - rue hollow
comus - in the lost queen's eyes
in gowan ring - of water wiverings
pelt - raga called john pt. II
dungen - c visar vägen
gong - tropical fish - selene
ghost ganagmanag
hawkwind - the psychedelic warlords (disappear in smoke)
neil young - down by the river (live '71)
linda perhacs - call of the river
iron & wine - lovesong of the buzzard
nels cline - thurston county
thurston moore - trees outside the academy
sapat - dark silver
wooden shjips - losin' time