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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

playlist for january 25, 2006

tintern abbey - beeside
the bees - voices green and purple
the electric prunes - get me to the world on time
kim fowley - wild weekend
psychedelic psoul - the subway ride thru inner space
country joe and the fish - flying high
donovan - wear your love like heaven
iditarod - feel the breath of the woods pt. 1
long live death - bits and bits
matt valentine - stroboskop kola
espers - flowery moontide
sunburned hand of the man - the air itself
dredd foole and the din - dutch instant
roy montgomery - the soul quietens
labradford -senic recovery
stars of the lid - the lonely people (are getting lonelier)
nudge - stand on hot sidewalk
jackie-o motherfucker - trans-canada no.1
trad, gras och stenar - svarta parla
ghost - aramaic barbarous dawn
14th wray - yuppie deadhead party
narcoterror - gently johnny / electric mainline
spritualized - electric mainline (live, pinkpop, radio 3 fm)
the verve - star sail

spectrum - revolution/war sucks/revolution (live philadelphia '01)
hawkwind - space is deep (live)
mooseheart faith stellar groove band - doctrine of the void
death in vegas - zugaga
kraftwerk - trans europe express
karl bartos - 15 minutes of fame
depeche mode - strangelove (blind mix)
delia gonzalez and gavin russom 0 #5
juan maclean - shining skinned friend

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

playlist for January 11, 2006

the stevie christie 'experience' - revolution
rockers hifi - hello everybody
the disciples - the struggle of life
boom bip - cimple
pan-american - lent
scanner - ground veil
scanner - passage de recherche
bass-o-matic - attack of the 50 foot drum demon
luke vibert - i hear the drummer
dj spooky - nasty data burst (why ask why?)
bruce haack - colors
!!! - take ecstacy with me
komputer - the world of tomorrow
alpine stars - jump jet
kraftwerk - the model
kreidler - coldness sunroof mix
donna summers - bad girls
grace jones - nipple to the bottle
tyree - acid over (tyree's mix)
giorgio moroder - chase
younger brother - even dwarves start small
about - think niles drink
panasonic - random sounds from several albums
neil young - computer age

over and beyond:

red crayola - transparent radiation
dead voies on air - godesandah
m83 - moonchild
the red sparrowes - the sixth extinction crept up slowly, like the sunlight through the shutters, as we looked back in regret
baltimora - tarzan boy
the red shift - chicken walk '97 (remixed by splice)
spectre - vampyr killa
sub dub - dancehall malfunction

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

playlist for january 4, 2006

t. rex - jeepster
alexander spense - gray / afro
bob marley - buffalo soldier
jackie mittoo - earthquake
junior murvin - bad weed
sly and robbie - hardwired dub
kreyol syndikat - roots ragga
junior delgado - rockers non stop
prince far I - musical history
mickey dread - peacemaker
dennis bovell - dub master
king earthquake - tribulation dub
harry mudie meet king tubby - madhouse dub
burning spear - slavery days
black uhuru - fire and brimstone (journey)
horace andy - why oh why
lee "scratch" perry - zion's blood
super cat - weed man
phase selector sound - sci fi dub
twilight circus dub sound system - spacehall
housatonic - freestyle dub (french dub connection)
sandoz - scientific exploitation
ice vs. palace - more brother (inbred version)
earthling - nothing

little computer people - electro pop
anthony rother - simulationszeitalter
martini brothers - love the machine (wruhmes remix)
hakan lidbo - give me your disease
cybernet systems - planet electro
kraftwerk - elektro kardiogram (live)
visage - fade to grey
madonna - hung up (stewart price extended dub)
donna summers - I feel love (12")
le peuple de l'herbe - elektro m.j.
blimp - 4:30:00 - 4:45:14 am
i-f - space invaders are smoking grass
lcd sounsystem - yeah (crass version)
quintron - underwater dance club
esg - get funky
the politicians - psycha-soula-funkadelic
quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky burr (mixmaster mike mix)
hank carbo - hot pants
lee dorsey - gotta find a job
eddie bo - getting to the middle (vocal)
dr john - saint james infirmary