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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

playlist for september 29, 2010.

badgerlore - your discomfort, my happiness
the group - the feed-back
comus - drip driop
fabulous diamonds - lp5
paik - the longest day
wooden ships vampire blues (live at ATP)
black rebel motorcycle club - took out a loan
high rise - mainliner (live)
black sabbath - fairies wear boots
hawkwind - brainstorm (live)
psychic tv & the angels ov light - a star too far (lullaby for syd)
f/i - threshold
fuzzhead - astro man
sapat - fante
heazlewood - badge or medallion

Thursday, September 23, 2010

playlist for september 22, 2010.

yo la tengo - autumn sweater
american analogue set - come home baby julie, come home
mirza - west
ya ho wa 13 - kind of depressing
eddy detroit - who knows the light
the raveonettes - boys who rape (should all be destroyed)
dara puspita - kerdja kami
blumen des exotischen eises - neulich in kalkutta
franco battiato - energia
the kinks - australia
brian eno - cindy tells me
heldon - aurore
tangerine dream - phaedra
kluster - beta side a

Thursday, September 09, 2010

playlist for september 8, 2010.

popol vuh - engel der gegenwart
agitation free - a quiet walk
aix emm klemm - sparkwood and twentyone
noveller - toothnest
pocahaunted - crow scout
robedoor - spectral outpost
sunburned hand of the man -zb/ottowa
anti-lsd propaganda film from 60s
f/i - observation (the eye on top of the pyramid)
james "opie" millett  & the weekend reformers - pessimistic
brother jt - lassitude
the cure - holy hour
brian eno - driving me backwards
grouper - playing sick
bowery electric - slow thrills

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

playlist for september 1, 2010.

rangda - fist family
major stars - stop the fall
sunburned hand of the man - the underground press
noveller - radiation in moderation
animal hospital - ...and ever
concord ballet orchestra players - rocco's farewell
grails - stoned at the taj again
brian eno - I'll come running
harmonia '76 - sometimes in autumn
transient waves - soulspace
abba - money, money, money (backwards)
prum manh - two wives are twice the problem
mulatu astatke - mulatu
larry young - khalid of space part two
popol vuh - in deine hande