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Thursday, March 25, 2010

playlist for march 24, 2010.

yo la tengo - nuclear war (version 1)
albert ayler - ghosts: second version
larry young - sunshine fly away
sunburned hand of the man - the fuck face/glass mask/defacing the facts/adult costume
inca ore - aztlan at 4 altitudes
david scott stone - ...when I had your love I had the world
ignatz - everyman
current 93 - twilight, twilight, nihil, nihil
experimental audio research - subaqua/tidal/lunar (3 channel)
klaus schulze - velvet voyage

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

playlist for march 16, 2010.

big star - kangaroo
country joe & the fish - death sound blues
opal - magick power
tadpoles - race you to the mushroom patch
sapat - fante
pink floyd - set the controls for the heart of the sun
wolverton brothers - horse with no name
vocokesh - still standing in the same garden track #4
grails - take refuge
warlocks - the dope feels good
mooseheart faith stellar groove band - color circles
fraternity of man - don't bogart me
tanakh - ladybird
sharron krause - brigid
the iditerod - the rowan
linda perhacs - chimacum rain
two gospel keys - I don't feel at home in this world anymore

Thursday, March 11, 2010

playlist for march 10, 2010.

spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
ex-detectives - this is your crown
hush arbors - follow closely
donovan - barabajagal
sibylle baier - I lost something the hills
spectrum - undo the taboo
wet hair - radio machines/gold chains
kinski - teen center
escapade - 4'33"
speaker\cranker - I got yer head (chopped off)
mudhoney - here comes sickness
ciccone youth - into the groovy
spacemen 3 - feel so good
slipstream - sundown
tanakh - devil's interval
surface of eceyon - dragon breather
salamander - red mantra
opal - empty box blues
neko case - prison girls
mick harvey - to all the lucky kids
the kinks - mindless child of motherhood
brian eno - cindy tells me
t. rex - planet queen
the coral - shadows fall
the mamas and the papas - mediation woman (transcendental woman travels)
devendra banhart - rosa
greg weeks - night must fall
gandalf the grey - the grey wizard am I
fairport convention - farewell, farewell

Thursday, March 04, 2010

playlist for march 3, 2010.

la bionda - I wanna be your lover
mirage - lady operator
neil young - computer age
lectric workers - robot is systematic
n.o.i.a. - stranger in a strange land
silver apples - gypsy love
hawkwind - space is deep
mooseheart faith stellar groove band - haifa street dream
stylus - r3-643
the dandy warhols - easy
walter ruttman - wochende
original compositions by junior and senior high school students (1968)
can - dizzy dizzy (live)
larry young - hello your quietness (islands)
gil scott-heron - new york is killing me