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Thursday, December 30, 2010

playlist for december 29, 2010.

bardo pond - limerick
transient waves - peaceful madman
fi/i - observation (the eye on top of the pyramid)
narcoterror - gently johnny/electric mainline (live)
velvet underground - heroin (live)
luna - tiger lily
opal - she's a diamond
lee hazlewood - what's more I don't need her
the dream syndicate - the days of wine and roses
tarbox ramblers - shake 'em on down
sarolta zalatnay - move over
the amboy dukes - baby please don't go
black sabbath- wicked world
major stars - stop the fall
the godz - lay in the sun
the black angels - you in color
angel'in heavy syrup - crazy blues
wooden shjips - auld lang syne

Thursday, December 23, 2010

playlist for december 22, 2010.

captain beefheart & his magic band - neon meat dream of an octafish
captain beefheart & his magic band - china pig
captain beefheart & his magic band - new electric ride
captain beefheart & his magic band - electricity
captain beefheart & his magic band - zig zag wanderer
captain beefheart & his magic band - dropout boogie
captain beefheart & his magic band - I wanna find a woman that'll hold my big toe until I go
captain beefheart & his magic band - the smithsonian institute blues (or the big dig)
captain beefheart & his magic band - the clouds are full of wine (not whiskey or rye)
captain beefheart & his magic band - sweet sweet bulbs
captain beefheart & his magic band - pena
captain beefheart & his magic band - tarotplane
frank zappa - willie the pimp
frank zappa & the mothers of invention - trouble every day
captain beefheart & his magic band - orange claw hammer
captain beefheart and frank zappa - orange claw hammer
the soots - I was a teenage maltshop suite
the smegmates - will you drink my water
captain beefheart & the magic band - blabber 'n smoke
captain beefheart & the magic band - I'm gonna booglarize you, baby
captain beefheart & the magic band - my head is my only house unless it rains
captain beefheart & the magic band - her eyes are a blue billion miles
blind blake - lonesome christmas blues
leroy carr - christmas in jail
mojo nixon - christmas, christmas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

playlist for december 15, 2010.

Amongst other elements we played sides one and two of Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-74 from Sublime Frequencies along with other SF goodies and assorted assortments.

alasdair roberts - so bored was I (dark triad)
whizz jones - national seven
phil ochs - william butler yeats visits lincoln park and escapes unscathed
donovan - wear your love like heaven
trembling bells - your head is the house of your tongue
vashti bunyan - I'd like to walk around in your mind
badgerlore - stone stick earth brick
cbc band - the greatest love
elivs phuro'ng - the crazy song
carol kim - your hair clip
thanh mai - long, uneven hair
bomp treb - [selections from looprotatorpool]
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
the bees - voices green and purple
the electric prunes - get me to the world on time
the other half - mr. pharmacist
the balloon farm - a question of temperature
carol kim - the sadness of being a girl
bich loan and cbc band - heat and tears
phuro'n tam - magical night
le thu - starfish
sir richard bishiop - blood-stained sands
hayvanlar alemi - guarana superpower
group doueh - eid el arsh

Thursday, December 09, 2010

playlist for december 8, 2010.

gil scott-heron - winter in america (solo version)
bill withers  - I can't write left-handed (live)
the persuasions - willie and laura mae jones
the heptones - message from a black man
phyllis dillon - woman of the ghetto
wilie williams - armageddon time
dadawah - seventy-two nations
black uhuru - puffed out
scientist & prince jammy - betrayal
linton kwesi johnson - insoreckshan dub
lee "scratch" perry - curly dub
hugh mundell - revolution dub
max romeo - one step forward
jeb loy nichols - as the rain (adrian sherwood remix)
thievery corporation - radio retaliation
the lions - ethio-steppers
the aloof - abuse
leftfield - afro-left
renegade soundwave - black eyed boy
sun city girls - funeral mariachi
coil - restless day
roxy music - love is the drug