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Thursday, March 31, 2011

playlist for march 30, 2011.

palace - you will miss me when I burn
six organs of admittance - hollow light severed sun
six organs of admittance - tukulti will burn
magik markers - we are the magic markers
the warlocks - death, I hear you walking
sun araw - heavy deeds
moon duo - love on the sea
cosmic jokers - im reich der magier
cosmic jokers - der herrscher
egg - while growing my hair
vibrasonic - cloudburst
surface of eceyon - night of shimmering ions
transona five - cointoss
bardo pond - the stars behind
wet hair - blessed
bowery electric - over and over

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

playlist for march 16, 2011.

tir na nog - looking up
badgerlore - stone stick earth brick
black forest/black sea - inepta
nick drake - time of no reply
jack rose - mountaintop lamento
linda perhacs - call of the river
comus - all the colours of darkness
broselmaschine - schmetterling
grails - white flag
alesahir - nazca
heldon - doctor bloodmoney
kieran hebden & steve reid - the sun never sets
mouse on mars - hallo