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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

playlist for january 14, 2009

akron family - before and again
air - playground love
asteroid #4 - visitation rights
american analog set - late one sunday
azuza plane - the miracle of the octave
alphane moon - to almondine
ash castles on the ghost coast - untitled [from alms]
atman - wild way
ash ra tempel - freak'n'roll
amon duul II - wolf city
abunai! - gypsy davy
agitated radio pilot - rounding lizard point
ashtray navigations - mysterious starling music
acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. - star child vs third bad stone
avarus - rollien planeetta
architectural metaphor - odysseum galacti
amp - so hot (wash away all of my tears)