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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

playlist for march 29, 2006

To commemorate the birthday of the great Gil Scott-Heron, this set has been dedicated to his music. There's so much more that could be played, could be said, but here's some slices of time.

gil scott-heron - winter in america
gil scott-heron - alien (hold on to your dream) (live)
gil scott-heron - south carolina (Live From The No Nukes Concert At Madison Square Garden)
gil scott-heron - johannesburg (live)
gil scott-heron/sun city - let me see your i.d.
gil scott-heron - b movie (intro, poem, song)
gil scott-heron - the revolution will not be televised
dj vadim feat. sarah jones - your revoution (version)
gil scott-heron - message to the messagers
gil scott-heron - angel dust
gil scott-heron - angel dust (live)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

playlist for march 22, 2006

Lee "scratch" Perry turned 70 on March 20, which in an unrelated note is also the 3rd anniversary of the official start of the second gulf war.

lee "scratch" perry - noah sugar pan
the congos - congoman
lee "scratch" perry - kentucky skank
lee "scratch" perry - blackboard jungle dub (version 1)
lee "scratch" perry - three in one
dr. aliminatdo - ride on
lee "scratch" perry - pirates (black plastic)
lee "scratch" perry - (i got the) groove
lee "scratch" perry - megaton bomb
lee "scratch" perry - seven devils dead
lee "scratch" perry - satan dub
junior murvin - police and thieves
can - live at paris olympia 1973
fontanelle - corrective lenses
extreme animals - garf's nightmare
fischerspooner - cloud
martini brothers - mattel baby

beyond time:
lcd soundsystem - losing my edge
brian eno - baby's on fire
antibalas - indictment
quintron and miss pussycat - swamp buggy badass
weird war - ak-47
gil scott-heron - gun
experimental audio reserch - the koener experiment track 9
boom bip and dose one - voodoo science
mike ladd - the last word
black sabbath - fairies wear boots

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

playlist for march 15, 2006

ali farka toure - ali's here
cul de sac - china gate
cul de sac - sakhalin
crystalized movements - this wideness comes
sacred miracle cave - the tub was white
subarachnoid space - tigris
sonic youth - society is a hole
damon and naomi w/ tom rapp - I shall be released
jana hunter / devendra banhart - in golden empress hands
albert ayler - truth is marching in
andre boucourechliev - texte I
stars of silent radio - 01/13/02
azuza plane - the miracle of the octave
the octagon church - lost in the kelp track 1
gastr del sol - work from smoke (backwards)
hair and skin trading company - k-funk

bonus beats:
fuxa - city und metro
alpine stars - v.t.o.l.
splitting the atom - monkey brain
kraftwerk - elektro kardiogramm (live)
eddy grant - time warp (at 33rpm)
chromeo - needy girl
loose joints - is it all over my face (male vocals)
crazy beat mix (rother/depeche mode/damien marley/pierre henry/and more)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

playlist for march 8, 2006

In celebration of international women's day, we are focusing on female musicians in the psych/drone vein. enjoy.

laurie anderson - o superman
bjork - triumph of a heart
maja ratkje - heyfabio
kevin blechdom - the porcupine and the jellyfish
fursaxa - porpoise wings
espers - flowery noontinde
diana obscura - st. cecelia
broselmaschine - schmetterling
os mutantes - ando meio desligado
jefferson airplane - somebody to love
windy and carl - you
opal - soul giver
mazzy star - she hangs brightly
kable - omar
charalambides - water falls through air to earth
bardo pond - limerick
dadamah - brian's children
jessica bailiff - failing yesterday
bowery electric - long way down
yo la tengo - little eyes
mazinga phazer - infinity for now
azalia snail - nothing and everywhere