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Thursday, May 27, 2010

playlist for may 26, 2010.

spacemen 3 - so hot (wash away all of my tears)
brian jonestown massacre - nailing honey to the bee (live at ATP 2008)
brian jonestown massacre - here it comes (live at ATP 2008)
velvet underground - all tomorrow's parties
brian eno - taking tiger mountain
the dream syndicate - when you smile
the warlocks - so paranoid
wire - mannequin
opal - grains of sand
the pains of being pure at heart - the tenure itch
dean & britta - we're not supposed to be lovers
françoise hardy - en resume...en conclusion
the cure - a night like this
pulp - cocaine socialsm (proper version)
angels in america - ak ayline
black forest black sea - aquamini
charalambides - market square side 2
spires that in the sunset rise - black earth
fursaxa - guise of the eskimo curlew

Thursday, May 20, 2010

playlist for may 19, 2010.

jim & jennie & the pinetops - mount st. helens
sharron krause - robin is dead
amps for christ - false night on the road
fairport convention - matty groves
selda - gitme
selda - niye çattin kaslarini
mavi isiklar - ask çiçegi
mogollar - lazy john
temptations - papa was a rolling stone
the politicians - free your mind
akido - psychedelic baby
black merda - I don't want to die
exuma - exuma the obeah man
deviants - deviation street
the vacant lots - love's labour lost
spectrum - phase me out (gently)
joe turner & the seven levels - girls get drugs for free
can - come sta, la luna

Thursday, May 13, 2010

playlist for may 12, 2010.

fund drive week!  thanks to graham and barbara for sticking 'round, helping out, and dropping knowledge.  If you can donate, please do:  Thanks!

captain beefheart & his magic band - zig-zag wander
13th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me
mighty walker brothers - god been good to me
della reese - compared to what
mosby family singers - eternal life
spirit - animal zoo
the yardbirds - drinking muddy water
bo diddley - you can't judge a book by it's cover
washington phillips - I was born to preach the gospel
palace brothers - I had a good mother and father
skip james - washington d.c. hospital center blues
geechie wiley - last kind words
kid prince moore - church bells
abunai! - barbara allen
the green pajamas - the red, red rose (song for phoebe prince)
jefferson airplane - plastic fantastic lover
the electric prunes - get me to the world on time
captain beefheart & his magic - electricity
silver apples - lovefingers
william onyeabor - when the going is smooth and good

Thursday, May 06, 2010

What's not to like?

You can like the Tangential Mind on the book of faces.  Why the heck not?  At least some portion of the cool kids are doing it.  Get right at it!

playlist for may 5, 2010.

spectrum - war sucks
suicide - rocket u.s.a.
roxy music - in every home a heartache
stardeath and white dwarfs (featuring henry rollins) - brain damage
the warlocks - death, I hear you walking
earth - the bees made honey in the lion's skull
cowboy junkies - renmin park
ignatz & harris newman - I will bring you buzzard meat
vortex navigation company - the welcoming river
six organs of admittance - hollow light severed sun
sibylle baier - colour green
jack rose - spirits in the house
stone breath - the blood of the woven-vine divinity
agitated radio pilot - sydney harbour rain
espers - flowery noontide
vashti bunyan - timothy grub
feathers - old black hat with a dandelion flower
simon finn - where's your master gone?
linda perhacs - porcelain baked cast iron wedding
jackie o motherfucker - shukran
russian tsarlag - uncovering many diseases