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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

playlist for november 25, 2009

nick drake - time of no reply
jackson c. frank - you never wanted me
whizz jones - mississippi john
phil ochs - when I'm gone
renaldo & the loaf - my favorite things
the supreme dicks - blue elephant
feathers - silverleaves in the air of starseedlings
tower recordings - population one
the angels of light - the garden hides the jewel
agitation free - in the silence of the morning
mv+ee - sweet people
william devaughn - be thankful for what you got
24 carat black - poverty's paradise
donny hathaway - thank you master (for my soul)
the heptones - message from a black man
willie williams - are you ready
max romeo - dub ganja
lone ranger - dub a natty dread
johnny clarke - just give up the badness dub
john holt - police in helicopter
the dream syndicate - that's what you always say

Thursday, November 19, 2009

playlist for november 18, 2009.

heazlewood - aero
blueshift - silver  chase
riz ortolani - massacre of the troupe
russian tsarlag - what I thought was "uptown"!
oneida - doing business in japan
pixies - bone machine
jesus lizard - boilermaker
black rebel motorcycle club - weapon of choice
helios creed - beginning of light
monster magnet - nod scene
sleep - dragonaut
black sabbath - fairies wear boots (demo)
schleimer k. - on the odd again
fad gadget - worried man (live sama 2002)
and also the trees - slow pulse boy
the cure - other voices
brother jt - meshes of the afternoon 1 (real nice day/I saw a girl/water/god is red)
brother jt - meshes of the afternoon 2 (feelgoodallthetime/in the afternoon/want)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

playlist for november 11, 2009.

suicide - frankie teardrop
mudhoney - baby oh baby
juana molina - un dia
buffy sainte-marie - god is alive, magic is afoot
espers - byss & abyss
broselmaschine - gedanken
fairport convention - crazy man michael
kemialliset ystävät - koirien kasvattama
devendra banhardt - seahorse
black sabbath - planet caravan
cymande - dove
donovan - super lungs
los hombres - let it out (let it all hang out)
the sonics - the witch
vanilla fudge - season of the witch
wicked witch - fancy dancer
throbbing gristle - persuasion
ignatz - I look at her with the euh
cosmic jokers - planeten sit in
country joe & the fish - sad and lonely times

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

playlist for november 4, 2009.

can - oh yeah
acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno - cosmic funeral route 666
wooden shjips - dance, california
the dandy warhols - easy
barn owl - last song
layne garrett - henry david thoreau
belltonesuicide - your mouth is an open sore
slasher risk - ?
grasshopper - sound the goblin warhorn
marvin gaye - "t" plays it cool
fuxa - bowie beat
experimental audio research - in the cold light of day
grails - space prophet dogon