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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

playlist for april 29, 2009

this week is a fifth wednesday, so it is neither the tangential mind nor everything is everything.

jackson c. frank - blues has run the game
jackson c. frank - you never wanted me
old timey custard suckin' band - sittin' on top of the world
hazel dickens & alice gerrard - true life blues
two gospel keys - I don't feel at home in this world anymore
robert pete williams & robert "guitar" j. welch - mississippi heavy water blues
washington phillips - mother's last word to her daughter
washington phillips - what are the doing in heaven today?
jeb loy nichols - countrymusicdisco45
fellow travellers - blues for texas/dub for texas
cedric brooks - give rasta glory
tong me malai - lam phun eun sai
guelewar band of banjul - wollou
alemayehu eshete - a1 (from anonymous cassette)
group doueh - eid for dakhla
ali "farka" toure - ali
john lee hooker - graveyard blues
john lee hooker - burning hell
[radio palestine: sounds of the eastern mediterranean] - night in ancient egypt
[radio morocco] - quartertone winds
[radio phnom penh] - blondie in khmer camouflage
[radio palestine: sounds of the eastern mediterranean] - lo-fi nubia
arthur russell - this is how we walk on the moon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

playlist for april 22, 2009

p.g. six - when I was a young man
tower recordings - moon rocks off
sunburned hand of the man - hard exchange
jow jow - invisser 8
elisa ambrogio and karl bauer - target of neglect in two or three parts
victory at sea - snow
shrin - fire works / j.a.c.e.
timonium - evil gem / prenew resonance
bardo pond - tommy gun angel
spacemen 3 - things'll never be the same
acid mother temple & the cosmic inferno - iao chant from the cosmic inferno
wooden shjips - motorbike

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

playlist for april 8, 2009

the alchemysts - drop out
the tadpoles - know your ghosts
the clear spots - badlands
albert ayler - truth is marching in
transona five - albany
ghost - orange sunshine
the spacious mind - learning city people how to walk in the woods quietly
ignatz - he deals with love & her eyes glaze
roy montgomery - she waits on temple iv
windy & carl - through the portal
spectrum - neon sigh
jason bill & jack rose - forest for the trees
fontanelle - fulcrum
scaredycat - you & I
kendra smith - bohemian zebulon
devendra banhart - seahorse