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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

playlist for february 22, 2006

faust - krautrock
kraftwerk - kometenmelodie (live)
tangerine dream - phaedra
cosmic jokers - galactic joke part b
neu - super
neu - super 78
amon duul - mama duul und ihre sauerkrautband spilt
amon duul II - kanaan
amon duul II - cerberus
amon duul II - wolf city
ahs ra tempel - amboss
agitation free - in the silence of the morning
cluster - im suden

can - mother sky (abridged)
can - yoo doo right

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

playlist for february 8, 2006

edgar froese - krismopompas
tangerine dream - sunrise in the third system
klaus shulze - stardancer II
m. frog labat - we are crazy
gong - i niver glid before
mc5 - rocket reducer no. 62 (rama lama fa fa fa)
cosmic invention - help your satori mind
the warlocks - shake the dope out
velvet underground - sister ray
pg six - come in / winter is past
simon finn - pass the distance
fit & limo - surrealist waltz
dark inside the sun - truly cursed
ring - my rockabilly girl
brother jt - red cathedral
spacemen 3 - spacemen jam

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

playlist for Feb. 1, 2006

dear friends. We are in the mids of our first ever fund drive at WBCR-LP. It's been a terrific experience listening to all the programmers speak from the heart about this wonderful, volunteer-run non-commercial community radio station.

broselmaschine - the old man's song
the freed unit - same street, different planet
mooseheart faith stellar groove band - the hollow earth
renegade soundwave - bubbaluba
bedhead - believe
huun huur tu - khmuz melody
silver apples - oscillations
the fugs - boobs a lot
frank zappa - wowie zowie
brother jt - mellow
can - she brings the rain

extended play:
kraftwerk - computer love
fontanelle - fulcrum
cluster -dem wanderer
neu! - negativland
neu! - lieber honig
ghost - people get freedom
sun city girls - tarmac
boiled in lead - son, oh son
kendra smith - drunken boat
salamander- old mr. jones
abunai! - cosmo gun