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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playlist for march 25, 2009

gong - fohat digs holes in space
cosmic jokers - galactic supermarket part 1
faust - jennifer
can - future days
popol vuh - oh wie nah ist de weg hinab
harmonia - gollum
brian eno - the belldog
fit & limo - the weaving song
brian jonestown massacre - whoever you are
asteroid #4 - into the meadow
goblin - black forest
gentle tasaday - sad wheel of the seasons
six organs of admittance - hollow light severed sun
evolutionary jass band - lost in the stars
this heat - a new kind of water
sun city girls - the flower
sunburned hand of the man - sense of the senseless
dredd foole - I wuz born

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

playlist for march 11, 2009

spacemen 3 - things'll never be the same
overhang party - le fantome de la liberte (edit)
crystalized movements - there is no other place
bardo pond - dual states (for HST)
mudboy - terry shiva
perry hall - nothing is sexier than space
the spacious mind - the caresong - adanech
stone breath - listen, listen, listen
vocokesh - the somnambulist speaks
acid mothers temple - fire walk with us
fuzzhead - remember the avalon
wooden shjips - we ask you to ride
skullflower - the rose wallpaper
brother jt - time was