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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

playlist for november 30, 2011

el rego et ses commandos - feeling you got
antoine dougbe - nou akuenon hwlin me sin koussio
antoine dougbe - honton soukpo gnon
el rego et ses commandos - djobime
wallias band - muziqawi silt
alemayehu eshete - feqer feqer new
mulatu astatke - playboy cha-cha
william onyeabor - better change your mind
dan boadi and the african internationals - money is the root of evil
the action 13 - more bread to the people
tunji oyelana and the  benders - ifa
fela kuti - zombie
fanga - crach la douleur featuring tony allen
demon fuzz - disillusioned man

pax nicholas and the nettey family - na six feet
pax nicholas and the nettey family - you
s-job movement - love affair
manu dibango - soul makossa

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

playlist for november 9, 2011

random 7" night:

rake - motorcycle shoes
roy montgomery - liverpool 82
tangled edge - hesperus
skullflower - evel knievel
silver apples - parkinmeter mojo
witch hazel - fairwell to chayenne
slipstream - come on
honeyrider - drugstore shoot-out
stilluppsteypa - a taxi to tijuan
half japanese - king kong
kitchen cynics - I am a baby
brian jonestown massacre - their majesties 2nd request (enrigue's dream)
splitting the atom - monkey brain
lost in translation - confused reaction
crawlspace/mooseheart faith - hook in the gray
radio city - north sea
origami republika - persuation banishing
the gerogerigegege - discipline
anus presley - throbbing asshole
inca eyeball - something came over me
i.o.s. - weeping
number one cup - the tongue of 2 a.m.
american analog set - high fidelity vs. guy fidelity
songs: ohia - ?
lullaby for the workingclass - the selfportrait of a contortionist
ignatz - everyman
thenceforth psychichearts - the tongue of the killer
hammond voyage to the moon