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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

playlist for august 11, 2010.

gentle tasaday - of cobwebs and obtuse angels
suzie zuzek - 00-sera
stylus - glass dream one
matmos - mister mouth
juana molina - no llama
luna - freakin' and peakin'
crystalized movements - third half
loop - fade out
the black angels - you in color
spacemen 3 - velvet jam
wilco - shake it off
country joe & the fish - death sound blues
bloomfield, kooper & stills - season of the witch
the undisputed truth - I heard it through the grapevine
roy ayers - pretty brown skin
larry young - sunshine fly away
fontanelle - fulcrum
black moth super rainbow - lost, picking flowers in the woods
black devil disco club - I regret the flower power

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

playlist for august 4, 2010.

sharron kraus - thrice toss these oaken ashes
satyrswitch - nottamun town
united bible studies - lowlands of holland
stone breath - wasp sting, thorn, and arrowhead
iditerod - darkness, darkness
saint joan - satellites
salamander - galleon
tanakh - ladybird
the green pajamas - the ravenna witch
joe turner - when will you wake up?
linus pauling quartet - alien abductions
the lazily spun - non-ionic surfacants
lucky bishops - london lounge
ink puddle compound - call for you with echoes
keifer-pitcher - carpenters and sailors
goblin market - beasts
grayscale - flight one hundred
lifesmyth - watcher of the skies
oyvind holm - salt-mutated summer breeze
black sun ensemble - jewel of the seven stars
abunai - lockjam part 2/organic kingdom
the azuza plane - temporal continuum

music from camera obscura records in remembers of Tony Dale.