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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

playlist for may 31, 2006

brother jt - poor wayfaring stranger
spectrum - neon sigh
alphastone - swamp gas
fuxa - kid bits
landing - yon
verve - star sail
flying saucer attack - the drowners
luna - fuzzy wuzzy
the freed unit - same street, different planet
vibrasonic - tijuana marijuana
randy alvey / green fuz - green fuz
godfrey - the trip
ron wray light show - speed
moving sidewalks - 99th floor
the waterproof tinkertoy - continuation
the sound sandwich - apothecary dream
six feet under - in-a-gadda-da-vida
architechtural metaphor - anu
tangerine dream - journey through a burning brain
monster magnet -spine
spiritualized - let it flow

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

playlist for may 24th

darondo - let my people go
funkadelic - maggot brain (live september 12, 1971)
king tubby - dub from the roots
lee "scratch" perry - telepathic jah a rize
dub is a weapon - fever
konono no. 1 - masikulu
aka pygmies - bobangi
- dande
little joe and the latinaires - soul pride
jefferson airplane - white rabbit(mono single version)
wayne rogers - surrounding
bardo pond - be a fish
mirza - aphasia
gentle tasaday - walking on coals to the coldest despair
mourning cloak - the secret path
the clear spots - the back of beyond
st37 - they time (edit)
david bowie - golden years
king missile - the love song
olivia tremor control - define a transparent dream
fit & limo - surrealist waltz

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

playlist for may 17, 2006

black sabbath - fairies wear boots
spiritualized - sad days lonely nights
spacemen three - things'll never be the same
loop - deep hit
major stars - stop the fall
the primordial undermind - equilibrium
paik - girl from jupiter
bright - teo
guru guru - baby cake walk
high tide - futilist's lament
acid mothers temple - the kiss that took a trip / magic aum rock again imagic aunt / love is overborne / fly high
species being - orgone therapy track 2
skullflower - silver glove puppet
my life with the thrill kill kult -a daisy chain 4 satan (acid and flowers mix)
the chambers brothers - time has come today
liquid liquid - cavern

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

playlist for may 10, 2006

michael hurley - sweededee
feathers - old black hal with a dandelion flower
yardbirds - little games
pink floyd - astronomy domine
amon duul II - luzifers gholom
asteroid #4 - underbelly of a mushroom
cosmic invention - blue link (sky was falling)
13th floor elevators - levitation
mudhoney - when tomorrow hits
wellwater conspiracy - tidepool telegrah
stereolab - transona five (live)
transona five - estrogen blaster
spacemen 3 - come down easy
the sundowners - the knell
the cure - 10:15 saturday night (live)
frank zappa - what's the ugliest part of your body
landin - loft
skyray - neptune variations (edit)
brian eno - golden hours

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

playlist for may 3, 2006

pg six - outtake #1 from the sherman box series
subarachnoid space = s.f. eagle
major stars - stop the fall
fuzzhead - remember the avalon
abunai! - two brothers (version)
acid mothers temple - fire walk with us
mudboy - terry shiva
the clear spots - pot experts
my cat is an alien - elegy for all the exitinct alien species
area c - chain bridge
one inch of shadow - you'll miss me at the end