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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We made it back from Terrastock. It was a much fine music and solidly good folk. No shortage of beards and facial hair in general. Here's some picks from the loot.

black forest/black sea and larkin grimm - on the clifffs at fort wetherill
kinski - festival short circuit
ambuzz - bubbles
urdog - welecome to switzerland - a nation of fascist
salamander - key to the black lock
fursaxa - guise of the eskimo curlew
bardo pond - dual states (for HST)
landing - music for three synthesizers
northern valentine - holding us together
windy & carl - through the portal (live)

There'll be more in the weeks to come.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Terrastock Pre-Game Show #1

tanakh - stereognosis
green pajamas - doctor dragonfly
st. joan - klaus kinski (live at W
kinksi - one ear in the sn
urdog - triumph
major stars - elephant
pg six - when I was a young man
bardo pond - tommy gun angel
sharon krauss - murder of crows
cul de sac (w/ john fahey) - the new red pony
mv and ee - c.c. melotone
thought forms - david18
the magic carpathians project - lavender, satin & gingerbread
avarus - snoopysnoop snooberson
avaraus - jattilaisrotta
brothers of the occult sisterhood - the flesh shall hang from your bones
fursaxa - chartreuse my green

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

playlist for april 5, 2006

akron family - before and again
pg six - come in / the winter it is past
galaxie 500 - listen the snow is falling
abunai! - buzz bombb
bardo pond - back porch
bunny brains - whitewater bathtub
brother jt 3 - never never / black helicopters (live at WMFU)
acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno - OM riff from the cosmic inferno