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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Playlist for November 23, 2005

bob dylan - rumble
link wray - rumble
link wray - rawhide
the zombies - she's not there
the trashmen - henrietta
man or astroman - bombora
gas huffer - aldedly blues
13th floor elevators - you don't know
the godz - soon the moon
link wray - hidden charms
the soledad brothers - break'em on down
link wray - I'm branded
link wray - la de da
link wray - god out west
link wray - take my hand (precious lord)
link wray - days before custer
neil young - dead man soundtrack track 3
black rebel motorcycle club - in like the rose
high rise - nuit
sonic youth - eric's trip
mainliner - cardinal virtures
spacemen 3 - starship
kyuss - size queen

earth - charioteer (temple song)
total - fake urgihasm
mathew ship trio - sonic host
rh band - paris no gesso
the lickets - big happy bubble
milk cult - the fuzz wah song
eric leonardson - the vulture's wife
charalambides - think about
richard youngs -life on the stream
tyrannosaurus rex - a beard of stars
the asteroid #4 - no more vitamins
tangerine dream - phaedra
the cosmic jokers - galactic joke
hawkwind - hurry on sundown (live at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, 1972)
brian eno - how many worlds

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Playlist for November 16, 2005

asteroid #4 - egyptians and druids
skulls - black slavery days
dub specialist - depth charge
king tubby - explosion dub
upsetters - blackboard jungle dub (version 1)
sly & the revolutionaries - marijuana
the roots radics band - the alien aborts
twilight circus dub sound system - trinity
linton kwesi johnson - di great insohreckshan
clappers all stars - how can a man dubwise
charlie chaplin - jamaican collie
eek-a-mouse - ganja smuggling
bushman - cannabis
tru mystic - alive
scientist - red shift
wordsound i-powa - dungeon of dub
dj spooky - anansi abstrakt
dubadelic - thuds like skuds
material - ghost light/dread recall
spectrum and jessamine - radiophonic (musique concrete)
devendra banhart -long haired child

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Playlist for November 9, 2005

neu - hallogallo
tono bungay - wunderkammer track #1
jackie o' motherfucker - ray-o-graph
six organs of admittance - saint cloud
cymande - brothers on the slide
the politicians - psycha-soula-funkadelic
dennis coffey - it's your thing (isley brothers cover)
jay dee - strange funky games
byrdie green - the prodigal son
cymande - getting it back
grandmaster melle mel - white lines
vaughan mason and crew - bounce, roll, skate, roll
stereo mc's - connected
depeche mode - personal jesus (pulse mix)
tussle - disco d'oro
scala - irrainn in dub (from teutonik disaster - obscure german new wave funk)
the aloof - morning spangle
main - liquid reflective (kling klang)
rafael toral - optical flow
tomorrowland - sequence
eno, moebius, roedelius - the belldog

a rolling twisty-curvy road tonight. Kicking off with some good old krautrock into more current improv and psych-folk turning a corner into funk...walking that path for a ways then jumping over to electro(nic) and into the alleys of blips wrapped in noisy blankets only to find our way out back in Germany.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Playlist for November 2, 2005

Greg Weeks - ?
Kreidler w/ Momus - Mnemorex
Can - spoon
bright - superstrings
grimble grumble - second mind
busride - dreamland (area 51)
ten second dynasty - continuum
reverb - aftertouch
transona five - mariposa
alphane moon - circle of four
transient waves - heroin jam
windy and carl - left without air
american analog set - high fidelity vs guy fidelity
fuxa - dreamlanding
darkside - s.o.s.
lost in translation - confused reaction
bardo pond - tests for new swords
skullflower - evel knievel
tabata - children of woods
kitchen cynics - I am a baby
hawkwind - orgone accumulator (live)

intentions, intentions. This week I got a couple of new (old) dub albums. I had every intention of doing a show that was predominantly dub and reggae. I stopped off to pick up a 7" record and ended up grabbing a whole stack. seems most of this show has been devoted to those records, save for the first 2 tracks and that final hawkwind.