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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

playlist for june 22, 2011l

brian jonestown massacre - let's pretend it's summer
asteroid #4 - shoot out the lights
spiritualized - shine a light
cat power - naked, if I wanted to
dream syndicate - medicine show
the black angels - 18 years
grails - burning off impurities
wooden shjips - down by the sea
panbers - haai
labradford - balanced on its own flame
bardo pond - the stars behind
charalambides - songs for always
nels cline - rod poole's gradual ascent to heaven
torlesse super group - strataspeak
arborea - a little time (live 5.28.11)
loren connors - earth

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

playlist for june 15, 2011

venus gang - cosmic daddy
giorgio moroder -from here to eternity
giorgio moroder - faster than the speed of love
giorgio moroder - lost angels
the droids - the force
black devil disco club - an other skin
space - magic fly
kano - super extra sexy sign
klein & m.b.o. - dirty talk
jules tropicana - come on
lectric workers - robot is systematic
venus gang - love to fly
cerrone - supernature
belle epoque - miss broadway
sarah brightman & hot gossip - I lost my heart (to a starship trooper)
dennis parker - like an eagle
la bionda - I wanna be your lover
space - running in the city
giorgio moroder - I'm left, you're right, she's gone
visage - fade to grey
i-f - space invaders are smoking grass
kraftwerk - computer love

Thursday, June 02, 2011

playlist for june 1, 2011 (in memory of gil scott-heron)

gil scott-heron - a broken home, part 1
gil scott-heron -lady day and john coltrane
gil scott-heron - paint it black
gil scott-heron - the bottle
gil scott-heron - angel dust
gil scott-heron - who'll pay reparations on my soul
gil scott-heron - billy green is dead
gil scott-heron - home is where the hatred is
esther phillips - home is where the hatred is
curtis mayfield - little child running wild
marvin gaye - trouble man
nina simone - blues for mama
gil scott-heron - bluesology/black history
gil scott-heron -no knock
gil scott-heron - whitey on the moon
gil scott-heron - b-movie
gil scott-heron - ain't no such thing as a superman
gil scott-heron - alien (hold on to your dreams)
gil scott-heron - blue collar
gil scott-heron - johannesburg
gil scott-heron - it must be deep
gil scott-heron -new york is killing me
gil scott-heron - I'm new here