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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

king loser - troubled land
my bloody valentine - come in alone
the flaming lips - the abandoned hospital ship
bardo pond - tommy gun angel
yo la tengo - big day coming
tono-bungay - wunderkammer track #3
skullflower - diamond bullet
angel corpus christi - surrender
v-3 - psychic dance hall
spacemen 3 -billy whizz/blue 1
stars of the lid - a meaningful moment through a meaning(less) process
flying saucer attack - rainstorm blues
labradford - el lago
transient waves - soulspace
la dusseldorf - dusseldorf
michael hurley & eugene chadbourne - detour

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

playlist for october 14, 2009

pearls before swine - another time
tim buckley - song to the siren
fit & limo - surrealist waltz
kendra smith - drunken boat
jr. kimbrough - lonesome road
ali farka toure - heygana
tarbox ramblers - a fix back east
henry flynt - sky turned redt
otis taylor - house of the crosses
boiled in lead - son, oh son
cordelia's dad - poor man's labor
matt munisteri and brock mumford - lonely acres in the west
vasen - ploska
varttina - laiksa
burma thein than - jasmine bush of gold
huun-huur-tu - the orphan's lament
yoro sidibé - djibonsouba-yé / djonwololé-komikama
tinariwen - assouf
skip james - washington d.c. hospital center blues
fruit bats - death of the clayton peacock
blind willie mctell - the dyin' crapshooter's blues
lloyd chandler - a conversation with death

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

playlist for october 7, 2009

the advisory circle - mogodan morning coffee
aethenor - i (from deep in ocean sunk in light)
peter glushanok - in memoriam [sic] for my friend henry saia
bulent arel - stereo electronic music #1
halim el-dabh - leiyla and the poet
vladimir ussachevsky creation - prologue
juana molina - los hongos de marosa
keith fullerton whitman - stereo music for acoustic guitar, buchla music box 100, hewlett packard model 236 ocillator, electric guitar and computer (part two)
fontanelle - counterweight
throbbing gristle - tanith
transona 5 - recorder loop
diagram:a - human tissue
tangerine dream: rubycon part 1
eric zann - dois
thurston moore - frozen gtr

Thursday, October 01, 2009

playlist for september 30, 2009

pentangle - a maid that's deep in love
steeleye span - royal forester
abunai! - gypsy davey
velvet underground - I'll be your mirror
larry young - khalid of space part two
alice coltrane / carlos santana - angel of sunlight
gato barbieri - vidala triste
the incredible string band - talking of the end
russian tsarlag - I'll walk through it
amps for christ - freddie the mockingbird
terry riley - in c (side 1)
karlheinz stockhausen - hymnen regions i & ii