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Thursday, June 17, 2010

playlist for june 16, 2010.

united bible studies - death in the arctic
tinsel - random books floating
espers - hearts & daggers
the tower recordings - the other side of the 12th planet meados
sunburned hand of the man - the underground press
oneida - folk wisdom
funkadelic - maggot brain
funkadelic - can you get to that
funkadelic - hit it and quit it
funkadelic - you and your folks, me and my folks
funkadelic - super stupid
funkadelic - back in our minds
funkadelic - wars of armageddon
kendra smith - maggots
kable - just get by
brother jt - oh mother
palace brothers - you will miss me when I burn

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

playlist for june 2, 2010.

spiritualized - shine a light
portishead - machine gun
depeche mode vs. nina simone - be my useless
sonic youth - I love her all the time
mirza - last clouds
my cat is an alien - elegy for all the extinct alien species
landing - spiral arms
current 93 - the inmost light itself
transient waves - 20th century blues
russian tsarlag - crystal ball theme
brother jt & vibrolux - comet