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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Playlist April 27

race marbles - like a dribbling fram
temptations - take a stroll through your mind
six organs of admittance - eighth cognition/all you've left behind
espers - byss and abyss
kawabata makoto - man from mu (solo sarongi)
huun huur tu - ancestors
circle - vaanen valtiatar
can - thief
nathan ashley - becoming undead
kendra smith - drunken boat
dream syndicate - when you smile
opal - soul giver
sonic youth - I know there's an answer
spacemen 3 - feels so good (single version)
galaxie 500 - snow storm
skip spence - grey/afro
loren auerbach with ricard newman and bert jansch - playing the game
dj shadow - fixed income
gorillaz - fire coming out of a monkey's head
nightmares on wax - argha noah
phase selector sound - halo and snake
badawi - war on mt. zion
king tubby - dub of roots music
tino - sunday dub
trumystic - alive
creation rebel - african space
lee "scratch" perry - ketch a dub
prince far i - water the garden
screaming lord sutch - til the following night
monks - cuckoo
tadpoles - race you to the mustard patch (live at terastock the first)
guitar wolf - violent letter
skye klad - mind's eye
paik - spacer (2001)

there ya go. just about 3 hours of music.
I'm working up plans for several theme shows coming up. One of the first will be electronic music and music concrete primarily from the 50s and 60s. should be good to go in the next week or two.

thanks for listening and if you have questions about any track drop me a line here.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Playlist April 20

the monkees - auntie grizelda
nancy sinatra - momma's boy
the bees - voices green and purple
little boy blues - I can only give you everything
the monks - I can't get over you
black sabbath - a bit of finger/sleeping village/warning
can - yoo doo right
psychic tv - godstar
brian jonestown massacre - nailing honey to the bee
opal - happy nightmare baby
bedhead - believe [cher cover]
steve reich - music for 18 musicians (coldcut remix)
coil - red birds will fly out of the east and destroy paris in a night
kraftwerk - europe endless
eno/mobius/roedelius - the belldog
the american analog set - late one sunday
stereolab - metronomic underground (bbc 1 sessions)
songs of the congo - missa luba: kyrie
incredible string band - ducks on a pond
simon finn - jerusalem
michael hurley - your old gearbox
holy modal rounders - my mind capsized
old timey custard sucking band - sitting on top of the world
jefferson airplane - today

show went a little long today--about 2 hours 45 minutes.

April 13 Playlist

west coast pop art experimental band - shifting sands
carlos santana and mahavishnu john mclaughlin - the life divine
ash ra tempel - amboss
julian cope - raynard the fox
pink floyd - a saucerful of secrets
tangerine dream - rubycon part 1 part A [backwards]
tangerine dream - rubycon part 1 part B
vortex navigation company - green pyramid (things not seen)
magnog - a moments seam
p.g. six - well of memory part II
the spacious mind - time re-circle
brother jt - poor wayfaring stranger
mooseheart faith stellar groove band - the hollow earth
brainticket - brainticket (part two)
stomu yamashta - a photon

The turntables in the studio have a reverse button. Apparently I accidentally hit it when cueing up the tangerine dream. I was halfway through listening to the part 1 part A backwards before I figured it out. Had I been playing more "straight-up" music, I might well've caught it earlier. as it was, it was a nice sound and segue from the pinky floyd.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Just got home from doing a 4 hour show--excited and exhausted. I'd planned, as part of my kick-off show, to cover the variety of musics I'll be playing on the Tangential Mind...found 2 hrs just didn't cut it. Fortunately there was no show afterwards, so I played records and CDs (ok, mostly CDs) from 10pm unti l 2am and I still didn't get in everything.

I'll come back soon with the playlist.

Friday, April 01, 2005

New Life...


Moments of the Tangential Mind appear as radio transmissions on WBCR-LP, Wednesdays, 10pm-midnight. You may tune in by selecting 97.7 on your fm dial. The very first show on WBCR-LP will go forth on April 6th just after our Monthly General Meeting.

Head on over to to check out the wonders of local, volunteer-run community radio and dig the cool shows folks from the community are offering forth.