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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Playlist for September 28, 2005

Some long tracks today.

flying saucer attack - in search of spaces
orbital - the box
brother jt and vibrolux - i saw the eye
amalgamated sons of rest - my donal

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Playlist for September 21, 2005

holy modal rounders - half a mind
black rebel motorcycle club - in like the rose
supra argo - grey'd
skye klad - toxaphene
the coral - she sings the mourning
west coast pop art experimental band - shifting sands
tower recordings - the nine billion names of god
p.g. six - old man on the mountain
howth castle - x-blues for the ancient tribes
climax golden twins - dead people
the marilyn decade - the lost afternoon
silver apples - lovefingers
can - little star of bethlehem
jandek - hey mister can you tell me
16 horsepower - heel on the shovel
old time relijun - mystery language
jack o' fire - asked for water
doo rag - bam
high rise - outside gentiles
hawkwind - brainstorm
spacemen 3 - things'll never be the same

bonus tracks:
acid mother's temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. - stone stoner
marble sheep & the run down sun's children - like a bird
f/i - the evan walker presiential inauguration march
jackie o' motherfucker - the pigeon
scot y nick - the luck of the muck

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Playlist for September 14, 2005

Back again and here we go:

witch hazel - gone tomorrow / chinese apples
stone roses - waterfall
jesus and mary chain - birthday
death in vegas - scorpio rising
brian jonestown massacre - servo
the warlocks - hurricane heart attack
brother jt - head business
velvet underground - sister ray
nancy sinatra - momma's boy
la dusseldorf - dusseldorf
guru guru - oxymoron
ash ra tempel - darkness (flowers must die)
john massoni w/ sonic boom - voices
asha vida - il buon tempo verra!
mazinga phaser - dub sonic
windy and carl - program

bonus tracks:
the azusa plane - armonia aphanes phaneros kreisson
a.m.p. studio - sleep city drone
fuxa- the anvil
turn on - track 10
dr. octagon - blue flowers (instrumental)
clouddead - the keen teen skip
asa-chang & junray - kobana
kendra smith - aurelia

Where was I again?

Somehow I dropped off the face of the blogosphere and all you good folks who have been itching to keep track of what has eminated from the Tangential Mind have been left in the dark. Well, wait no more! The truth shall set you free and I shall let you know.

Rather than just go back, I'll start with the now and we'll get to the past some time in the future. Thanks for listening and thanks for suporting WBCR-LP, 97.7fm.